Review Author: Guy R. Hardin

1.      IntroDuction to the BonkersBet. 1

2.      GAMING ZONE. 2

1.1        Sports Betting Products. 4

3.      Bonkers Betting Bonuses. 4

4.      Banking with Superlines. 5

5.      Support and help. 5

6.      conclusion.. 6

Only 2 years old; founded in the year 2018 has proven itself as one of the finest and appealing online casino in the international industry of gaming.The head quarter of the owner company name Velorum Corporation N.V  is situated in Curacao and is officially holding gaming license by the egaming authorities of Curacao. The gamers can feel confident and safe while playing on the Bankerbet. This detailed review will help you in choosing the best online casino that is offering a great number of games on safe transactions.  

1.    IntroDuction to the BonkersBet

All the gamblers worldwide who want a gaming zone that is more promising in terms of the number of games and the betting areas vastly promising, can come up on BonkersBet since they claim that they offer almost 3500 games in their online casino wherein they can manage 30000 players. Undoubtedly, they are claiming a big number of games and some 30000 in-play including the sports events that are being managed. All this is offered with some great promotional offers, some free spins, some bonuses and free games.  

1.1. Software and Browser

This promising online casino is offering all their packages on a user-friendly browser that is equally compatible with the browsers of mobile phones, tabs, computers and Laptops android or apple. Although they have not developed any mobile applications, you will have to use the mobile browser to access your casino while moving around from one place to another or waiting for an appointment in the lounge. The online casino is always open for new development and improvement in the gaming zones and website visibility and accessibility. Since they are well aware that it’s a huge market and there are many names working for keeping the major gamers with them.  

In terms of browser’s theme and visibility they have played safe and made a simple choice of keeping it simple. This has made them stand out in the market as they have not been overly graphical and innovatively animated. However, they have used bold colours in the design to keep it attractive for the visitors.  The simple website has made it easier for the viewers to see the links and names of the games easily as they have not been animated much. The links are perfectly located and it will route you directly to the desired game and sport. You can move around on the website carefreely and with ease and comfort since you won’t be bothered by much of pop ups and hoovers.

1.2. Easy Registration

The registration process is very simple and easy and you will get registered on the website easily and comfortably. They have arranged a separate area for login and you need to follow certain steps to register. Just click on the register (sign up button). You will require to enter your name, email, address, DOB and accept the terms and conditions and just sign up/ register.

You will receive a confirmation email from them and you are in for betting and gaming. The first thing you will receive from them is a welcome bonus after you have deposited the initial amount for playing. You will be open to a variety of options for games and betting on desired sports and there are no boundaries for that.


In the short span of time and just 2 years till 2021 BonkersBet is up for some great gaming options and with gathering of a number of gamblers from the betting audience captured from the international market. There are a wide variety of events going on in the world and betting can get bigger and bigger with the number of tournaments being played in various sports. The gaming zone will be divided into three categories

2.1.          Sports

The Sports section is full of tournaments in crickets, football, tennis, hockey, boxing, darts, volleyball, baseball and much more. You will see all in their respective tabs and click on the sports of your own choice. It will display the time, tournament name and results with a graph of up and down that shows the betting trend going on for the specific game of the tournament.  Partnering with iGaming have made them more proactive and glued to the market and with fellow gamblers around the globe.

2.2.          Casino

The games have been divided into two sections amongst which the casino is the first option. The casino is further divided into a number of slots Vegas, jackpot and video slots. The top-rated games will be found in its respective category and the new games will come up on as is basis in the section. The new games include all the variations that have been made in the classics to grab attention and some fascinating names have been used to keep them going. Some of the big names of the games found in casinos will be Mighty Midas, American Quest, Mega Moolah, God of Storms, Bonanza, Sky Queen and many more in the line.

2.3.          Live Casino

Live casinos have limited options that will not disappoint you at all with some beautiful ladies waiting for you to play. Roulette, Blackjack Casino Hold’em, Baccarat and Bet on numbers are the games you will get to see that you always want to play in real casinos where you are fascinated by the ambiance and the people gathering around. It’s always fun being on Casino and the exotic environment. Bonkers bet is promising the same to its players.

3.    Bonkers Betting Bonuses

Like all others they are also offering 100% bonus and one hundred free spins in just your welcome. 100 spins in welcome means it’s really a welcome with open arms. All the newly registered players with only 10 as their initial deposit can get a 100% increase in the bonus by applying the free bonus code and also enjoy the free spins in the slots game. If I would have provided such an option, I would have rushed to their slots section.

This is only about the new comers and also limited to a certain time period when they can avail those free spins and the bonus amount. Some other restrictions include the geographical restrictions i.e. France, North Korea, USA and Bulgaria cannot avail this option. On your minimum deposit the claim cannot exceed more than a 100 Euros. The spins have to be used within 7 days of the application. The amount should be utilized within 30 days.

The regular gamers will definitely find it amazing and would love to register and try their luck. This offer is big for someone who is new in the market and obviously the strategy is to avail the opportunity and grab market players. Only registering new ones will not keep them for long, so the monthly weekly and weekend bonuses will keep players engaged with Bonkers for a longer period of time.  

4.    Banking with Superlines

The transaction system and the banking with Bonkers bet has been made very easy with SSL and their options of online payments and withdrawals. Bunkersbet has used many channels for the payments and withdrawals keeping in view the convenience of the visitors. Sometimes the gamers see the options and leave the casino as they are not supporting the service they need to pay from. However, they are so closely working with the financial industries of the market that they opt for the new and latest market trend immediately as and when launched in the market. This has helped them a lot as sometimes people do not use any big names in the market and rather choose small online payment systems.

However, you will see options of PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe, Mastercard and visa card and almost all the options will be there with debit and credit cards. The minimum requirement is also a very small amount and it’s 10/- only and it is by far the smallest amount that can be deposited with any online casino and gets going with it. However, they have also limited the amount to maximum 10,000/- per month that is legal binding as per the bylaws of the global gaming authorities.  

The measures that Bonkers But has taken for the players are a balance of fairness in monitoring the gaming wherein there has been no fraud Ent and manipulation done. Also, the transactions made with debit or credit have been end to end secure. Limitation of the gaming on the monthly basis with proper guidance provided to the gamers and agreements signed off.

The professionals can join the affiliate programs that have been tailor made for them and specially designed to keep them intact and in the game. Their payment plans are monthly as followed by all the other gaming companies but they also provide VIP support, special promos and much more.

5.    Support and help

They have not been left behind in providing great support services to their visitors. The simple website has used Rules and Regulations for the games, hoover option to get help with where they are, FAQs, phone number shared and email address. They provide their customer care services 24/7 and you can get in touch with them any time and from anywhere and they will respond keeping the replies professional and simple. Their email help is also very responsive and you do not have to wait for days in waiting for the reply of a simple query.

The gamers usually do not like and prefer the casinos where the customer support is not up to the mark. In this case Bonkers has kept in mind the psychic of the players and they are trying to be more responsive. We are expecting them to launch their chat services soon since we can see many other casinos who have computerized and human chat services working efficiently.

6.    conclusion

We would conclude our review with some final words on the online gaming casino. No matter what you do and what your likings are, you have something to hang on with, either betting on a tournament or playing table games or slots. The site will definitely have something to offer. The casino is offering some great bonuses to hang around in the industry and showing their competitive behaviour. The safe transaction system will keep you secure from any theft and forgery.

They have tried to deliver whatever they can and whatever the market was demanding. Although there are a number of online casinos and every online casino is striving to earn more with more gamers. They are not offering the mobile application and have chosen to use a simple website and its working for them now. We hope they offer a mobile app sooner. Although they have not taken licence from the UK and it’s restricting their accessibility, we can give them the benefit of doubt and let them work for more in a couple of years. The Bonkerbet has become the most favourite amongst the European market and we find the reason behind this huge success as European market is a sports lover who loves and enjoys betting on tournaments.

Bonkers But overall Rating4.5/5
Games and sports4.5/5
Environment and Accessibility4/5
Bonus and Rewards4/5                
Banking and Withdrawals5/5